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A Message from Martin Thompson

Following the announcement today that Rowan has decided to leave RSA I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts and set out how RSA will move forward.  

RSA Canada Leadership Change

RSA Canada announces that Rowan Saunders, its President & CEO since 2003, will be leaving the business to take up a new position as President & CEO of Economical Insurance.

Possibilité de grève à Postes Canada

La RSA du Canada a été avertie par Postes Canada d’une possible interruption de service qui pourrait survenir dès le 2 juillet 2016. Le syndicat des employés et Postes Canada ne sont pas encore parvenus à une entente relativement à la nouvelle convention collective.

Leaders on Transformation

RSA's Senior Executives discuss the work behind the RSA Transformation and what our big culture change means for our brokers and customers.

Steering Clear of Sleep at the Wheel

Affecting nearly one third of all US commercial truck drivers, sleep apnea is a big concern for fleet businesses. Learn more about helping your clients stay safe at the wheel.