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Why leaving out E&O insurance is a mistake

For clients providing a service, it’s fast becoming essential to have Errors & Omissions insurance. Coverage is key to winning contracts - even a claim against an innocent client can hurt a company.

Small business is a big deal for RSA

Small businesses are more likely than larger ones to experience potential emergencies, but while most entrepreneurs realize they need some type of insurance, few are pros at navigating risk management.

Back to School?

Here’s some useful information to help students who are leaving home to attend school in the Fall.

Focused, Stronger, Better

In our half year results we prove to be focused, stronger, better – continuing our investment in the technology, tools and training you need. 

One Team - One Dream

RSA’s vision to bring together its two Quebec office teams has now become a reality. Over two hundred employees come together under one roof with a shared desire to succeed.