Adding to auto? Get Quick Quote

Man reviewing documents in front of a car

Racing against the clock to get that auto addition quoted for an existing policyholder?

Our Quick Quote WebBusiness tool will give you access to the facts, figures and fundamentals to get the job done. 

What is quick quote?

  • Quick Quote is a WebBusiness tool that gives you access to fast and simple quotes for vehicle additions or substitutions on existing RSA policies. 
  • The tool will give you accurate quotes even without knowing the VIN (vehicle identification number). 
  • Quotes are stated in annual terms and reflect applicable policy discounts and surcharges.
  • Quotes can be printed, changed, or easily turned into a policy amendment.
  • Multiple quotes can be created on a single policy if your customer wants to compare the premium impact of different vehicles.

Download our Quick Quote fact sheet or watch our webinar for more information on how to use Quick Quote.