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Claims training

We support our broker channel by investing in strategic and meaningful ways that will drive our businesses forward together. The education and training we provide are an important part of our commitment.

“Our claims training is unique in the market. We offer brokers the opportunity to learn first-hand about important topics such as: fraud, empathetic claims handling, claims advocacy, changes in legislation and corporate responsibility. Providing this additional value to brokers helps build their skills as an industry professional while giving them confidence in us as a trusted business partner.”

– Alex Walker, National Director, Claims Relations

Check out some of our Claims training opportunities below.

Note: Our Claims Training Seminars are accredited for broker training hours and requirements in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.​

Fraud Overview (Part 1) - Fraud Basics & Ontario Auto Fraud Claims

Every year fraud up to 20% of the claims insurers pay are fraudulent. Awareness is the best tool to fight fraud. This seminar sets the stage for an understanding of the systemic problem of insurance fraud in Canada, identifying the 3 types of insurance fraud and uncovering common schemes. We’ll share numerous examples of claim fraud cases to give you a solid understanding.

  • Course Time: Approximately 1.5hrs

Property Fraud (Part 2) – Red Flag Identification & Fire/Arson Claims

Building on the basics of Part 1, this seminar focuses on Property Claims. You’ll learn how to spot red flags at the early stages of a claim and recognize consumer perceptions. We even provide hands-on experience as you work though a fire case study based on an actual claim file. For the best learning experience and convenience, this course is often run on the same day as Part 1, but it can be run independently as a stand-alone seminar.

  • Course Time: Approximately 1 hr

Claims – Building Relationships Between Brokers & Claims

The relationships between insurers, brokers and their clients is much more than just transactional. This seminar provides brokers with an understanding of our claims process and how brokers can leverage a claim situation to build a stronger relationship with their clients. We focus on how you can work effectively and collaboratively with our Claims team to deliver the best experience for your clients.  It also explains what a client’s common reactions are when they have a loss or claim.  We discuss 4 specific examples where brokers have made a real difference for their clients when they have faced a loss.

  • Course Time: Approximately 1 hr

Ontario Accident Benefit Claims – Refresher

This seminar offers a complete refresher on the Ontario Accident Benefits portion of the Ontario Auto Policy and SABs – covering all relevant sections and common scenarios that AB adjusters find themselves in. We also go beyond this, to help you understand the language of this part of the policy and the available benefits. You’ll understand how we approach the handling of an AB claim and the value of our partner service providers.

  • Course Time: Approximately 1.5 hrs

Empathetic Claims Handling

Understanding the importance of empathy over sympathy is critical in handling claims. We’ll cover how brokers can use empathy to help their customers through a claim. In doing so, they’ll improve not only customer retention but also create advocates who spread the word about the value of a broker. Finally, you’ll be acquainted with our white-label claims care service that we allow brokers to access and utilize for their customers in their hour of need.

  • Course Time: Approximately 1.25 hrs

Managing/Leading in a Global Environment & Corporate Responsibility

A strong brand strategy and a clear sense of corporate responsibility can have a significant influence on client behaviours, particularly in the area of loyalty. In this seminar, we’ll explore the link between corporate responsibility and brand by looking at what happens to a brand when you get it wrong and some of the keys to getting it right. You’ll also learn about RSA as a global insurer and our approach to giving back.

  • Course Time: Approximately 45 mins


Interested in one of these courses?

Contact Alex Walker by phone 905-412-1397 or email [email protected] to see how your brokerage can benefit! Alternatively, contact your Regional Account Manager.