Meet Syed Usman – Championing Claims Service

Catastrophe Claim

Insurance is a promise to get your client’s life back to normal after a disaster. In order to provide you and your clients with the best Claims service, we start with a team of highly qualified national and regional experts. Our most recent addition, Syed Usman, National Catastrophe Claims Manager not only has 12 years’ of experience, but the passion to match.

What Syed Does
As the National Catastrophe Claims Manager, Syed Usman's center of focus is to refine, implement and execute our Claims CAT strategy with clients. Planning ahead for disaster management goes a long way in providing transparent claims service.

How this Sets Us Apart
With the increasing occurrence of natural disasters and catastrophes, claims promises are being put to the test. Having a dedicated, experienced and full-time Catastrophe Claims Manager, means that our focus is exclusively on managing the crisis that is affecting your clients.

As one of only a handful of insurers with a dedicated catastrophe management role, we are able to respond quickly, efficiently and with compassion in the event of a large-scale catastrophe. We focus on strategic planning, improvisation and execution of our catastrophe plan at a national level. This ensures that we have the expertise and resources to deliver on our Hassle Free claims service. Syed reiterates, “This is not only a priority but our commitment to you.”

Syed on Catastrophe Management
“Making the claims experience simpler, faster and better for a client is central to our Catastrophe Management Plan, so we can help get your client’s life back to normal.”

Want to know more? Contact Alex Walker, National Claims Relations Director, to see how your brokerage can benefit from our Claims expertise.

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