Faster repair times get the green light

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RSA’s Guaranteed Repair (RGR) service delivers a host of benefits for both brokers and clients – discover how our customer service, speed and efficiency can help keep your customers moving.

Across Canada there are approximately 500 approved RGR auto shops that have been selected on the basis of an excellent reputation and quality workmanship. Following a loss, RSA’s goal is to keep your clients moving by ensuring minimal disruptions and providing efficient claims processing.

Your clients benefit from an RGR Shop with:

  • Faster repair times: Our heavy investment in appraisal technology ensures the turnaround time on a claim can be reduced anywhere from 1-4 days
  • Lifetime guarantee: Repairs to the insured vehicle are guaranteed for the lifetime of the auto as long as the insured remains a client of RSA and your brokerage
  • Getting back on the road quick: RGR’s will provide a substitute vehicle or refer the client to Enterprise Car and Truck Rentals who is our preferred rental vehicle partner

Only the best for your clients

  • RSA conducts regular inspections, invoicing audits and service quality assessments of our RGR shops to ensure that they operate from well-maintained repair facilities that use the latest equipment and technology – providing only the very best for your clients.

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Here are what our RGR partners say about their experience and relationships with the RSA Group of Companies: 

Fix Automotive logo

Fix Automotive:

“Fix Auto’s partnership with RSA has expedited and improved the overall process for all parties, directly benefiting the insureds.  The result is a shorter repair cycle time, getting your insured back in their vehicle faster.  For RSA brokers, it provides an additional assurance that your customer’s claim is being dealt with in a prompt and timely manner. ”.

– Mr. Tony DeSantis, Vice-President  | Fix Automotive


CSN Collision Centres

CSN (Collision Solutions Network) Group:

“CSN Collision Centres has been a proud partner of RSA and its RGR program for over 9 years.  We have worked extensively with RSA to ensure that every client receives an exceptional claims experience, top quality repair of their vehicle and the security of a national lifetime warranty.  At CSN we understand that every client is as important to you as it is to us, and that they remain customers for life!   That’s the value of great partnerships!”

Assured Collision Repair Professionals logo

Assured Automotive:

“Assured Automotive is honoured to be a strategic partner of RSA through their RGR Program. RSA’s RGR Program has a true “Customer First” Vision and delivers customer convenience, confidence and loyalty. RSA customers, who have been referred to Assured and have had their vehicles repaired through the RGR Program, are 98% “as likely” to renew their policy with RSA  – this is a real testament to the quality of RSA’s RGR Program.”

– Mr. Tony Canade, President |Assured Automotive

Enterprise Rent a Car logo

Enterprise Car and Truck Rentals:

“Over the past decade, RSA and Enterprise have enjoyed a close partnership that is rooted in a shared culture of customer service. With RSA and Enterprise having their cultural compasses so closely aligned, broker and policy holder’s complete satisfaction is a natural outcome.”

– Mr. Sean Donaldson, Sr. Vice-President | Enterprise Canada