Think before you hit send

Person on their laptop

Explore email effectiveness in our guide on how to best communicate with clients. We consider desktop, tablet and mobile – where the thumb is the new mouse.


F-Pattern heat map

Using the "F-Pattern"

  • Readers typically read the first paragraph of an e-mail first, then quickly scan down the left hand side
  • Best practice: have you most important information along the top then bullet points along the left side

Maximize use of the preview pane

  • Over 50% of consumers use the preview pane in their e-mail client to decide if they will read the remainder of the message
  • Best practice: text should more often than not be used in the top 1/3 of e-mail – images need to be used cautiously

Benefits of imagery

  • Where appropriate, use images to help articulate the message you are trying to get across
  • Best practice: include captions under your images – on average captions are read 300% more than the body copy itself



Preview pane for mobile

  • The subject line and ‘pre-headers’ text is all that’s seen on a mobile device (insert preview pane image)
  • Best practice: have a clear call-to-action at the very top of the e-mail, typically where it says ‘view online’

Effective call-to-action

  • Needs to be clear and stand out – most clients are skimming the message
  • Best practice: replace links with hyperlinked buttons so they are easier to click – the thumb is the new mouse
  • Insurance clients are viewing e-communication on…
52% on desktop 37% on mobile 11% on tablet


For more information, check out this helpful presentation "Get Your Emails Opened With These Insider Tips".