Water, water, everywhere

Waterproof Coverage

Nearly one in three Canadians don’t know what water coverage they have or need. This means that, with extreme weather incidents on the rise, many Canadians have been finding out— the hard way—just how devastating the impact of a flood can be.

This has certainly been the case Nova Scotia in October where a tropical moisture system resulting from Hurricane Matthew swept through Atlantic Canada, resulting in hurricane strength winds and intense rainfall to parts of Atlantic Canada. The storm stalled as it passed over Nova Scotia and caused significant flooding on Cape Breton Island. Sydney, NS received close to 225mm (8.9 inches) of rain in one day, which shattered the city’s previous single day record of 129mm (5.1 inches).

We understand just how devastating the impact of a catastrophe can be. At RSA, we are committed to protecting and minimizing damage and losses to their property and businesses.  In fact, the increasing risk of water damage and customer confusion about what they are protected for inspired us to launch Waterproof Coverage™ last year.  Waterproof Coverage™ is an overland flood coverage that combines coverage for sewer back-up and freshwater flooding.  It has become widely available to customers across Canada.

We believe that risk prevention and insurance go hand-in-hand. Please visit www.rsagroup.ca/water  for more information on how to prevent water-related damage to your clients’ homes and businesses.