Focusing on fleet safety

Truck fleet

As we continue to hear rising statistics on fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers, it is imperative for fleet operators to take steps towards mitigating these risks with their drivers.

Distracted driving isn’t a new concern for them, but rising accident rates and the pace of technology advancements have added new dimensions to the issue.

In our recent auto fleet report, published in Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine, brokers and industry professionals discuss the importance of safety programs, education and training, and how brokers can make a meaningful impact with their fleet clients.

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Contributors to the report include:

  • Godron Spafford | Vice chairman and partner, HUB International
  • Paul Mountain | Vice president,  Niagara Airbus
  • Rob Rivait | President, RNR Patient Transfer Services Inc.
  • Mandip Hullait | Director, auto, RSA Canada
  • Brian Andres | Fleet Specialist, RSA Canada