Cyber insurance designed for small and medium-sized businesses

Three people looking at a laptop

Any business that relies on computers or a body of data is vulnerable to cyber risks. Although high-profile cyber events tend to make the headlines, thousands of smaller incidents happen every day. In fact, one in three cyberattacks on Canadian companies in 2016 resulted in a security breach.1 

Despite cyberattacks posing a potentially devastating threat to businesses, most policies only cover tangible parts of the business, such as buildings and contents, while risks to data and other vital, non-physical assets often go unconsidered.

RSA Cyber Risk is a simple and wide-ranging policy designed to work alongside your clients’ existing insurance to cover most of the cyber risks they face, with limits up to $2 million. Our product is available to your small and medium-sized clients (with up to $50 million in revenue), in a broad range of industries, who also insure their property or liability with RSA.

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Accenture, Building Confidence: Facing the Cybersecurity Conundrum (2016).