Property & Casualty

We offer a comprehensive P&C package focused on low-to-medium hazard exposure and segment-specific packages for client operations.

Our comprehensive P&C package is strategically built for Canadian entrepreneurs:

  • Covers general liability, property, business income, crime, in-land marine and equipment breakdown
  • Designed to cover a broad range of small-to-medium sized businesses
  • Includes trade-specific enhancements for segments tailored to meet the unique coverage needs of customers

Competitive, consistent and sustainable pricing allows you to confidently bind with us. Our strengthened portfolio management practice is supported by predictive analytics, which ensures prudent risk selection designed to drive portfolio stability.  

To help you better understand our P&C SME risk appetite and target industry classes, check out the guidelines below for each region to help you secure a successful quote with us!


To learn more, view our Commercial Insurance package (RSA) or Commercial Insurance package (CNS).

We also offer the following specialized packages:  

Automobile fleet

Auto Trade Insurance

Our specially designed Automobile Trade Package is suitable for small and medium enterprises operating a wide range of auto-related operations .

Bed & Breakfast

Our Bed & Breakfast package is specifically designed for small and medium enterprises where the business owner’s private residence is used to provide bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation for travellers.
Construction worker

Construction & Contracting

Our Construction & Contractor (C&C) package is designed for individuals and companies operating a broad range of business types within in the construction industry.
Factory equipment

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Every small and medium enterprise is in danger of having its work interrupted due to breakdown of critical operational equipment.
Reception desk at hotel


Our Hospitality package is formulated to provide the fullest protection to small and medium enterprises operating in the hospitality industries.
Factory worker

Manufacturing & Wholesale Insurance

Our Manufacturing & Wholesale package is designed to meet the needs of most types of businesses with low to medium risk exposures within this industry.
Man at computer

Micro/Start Up Business

We recognize the importance of start-ups and micro businesses to the economy, and we are aware of the unique challenges they face.

Realty Insurance

Our Realty package is formulated to protect real estate–based businesses from the common risks encountered when owning or renting property, including loss of rental income due to property damage.
Global Capabilities

Offer your clients tailored multinational insurance solutions.

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