Bed & Breakfast

Our Bed & Breakfast package is specifically designed for small and medium enterprises where the business owner’s private residence is used to provide bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation for travellers.

Target classes

This insurance package is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who own Bed & Breakfast Tourist Homes [SIC 7054 class only].


To be eligible for this package, the business must meet these criteria:

  • It includes a maximum of 8 rooms
  • If it serves liquor, the business is licensed, and liquor sales comprise a maximum of 25% of total operational sales
  • The building is less than 35 years old; if older, it has been updated in the last 20 years
  • Offering B&B accommodation is the primary business activity

Inns, Motels and Hotels are not eligible for this package.

Package highlights

This package includes the standard coverage included in our Commercial Insurance package policy, with numerous enhancements specifically for this industry, including: B&B Personal Liability Extension, B&B Replacement Cost (excluding Stock) Extension and B&B Building & Contents (Broad form) Amendment. It also includes:



B&B Voluntary Payment for Damage to Property Expense Extension


Innkeepers’ Liability Extension

$1,000/guest, up to $25,000 per occurrence

B&B Additional Buildings Extension

10% of building limit

B&B Additional Living Expenses Extension


Coin Collection


Manuscripts and Stamp Collections


Personal Watercraft and Accessories


Garden Tractors and Accessories


Land and Water Pollution Clean-up


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